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Ciocca II

1948 Sparkman& Stevens International Six M.

After restoration, Ciocca ll will be a world class Six Metre, probably one of the world’s top three contenders. Now available to take advantage of our award winning restoration skills and meet the required specifications.

Sparkman & Stephens has long been synonymous with sailing yacht design worldwide. Company co-founder Olin J. Stephens II was responsible for an astonishing number of trend-setting designs well known to anyone familiar with yachting history, including Stormy Weather, Dorade, Tenacious and Bolero.
The company was heavily involved in the America’s Cup for much of the 20th century having designed the successful J-Class Cup defender Ranger and the 12-Meters Columbia, Constellation, Intrepid, Courageous, and Freedom.

According to designer, Olin Stephens Ciocca ll has the same lines and keel as Goose the only difference is in the counter; same moulds etc.
Goose known as "Best of the Best - The Yacht Designs of Sparkman & Stephens." She is arguably the single most famous and victorious 6-meter in the world. Four time winner of the Scandinavian Gold Cup; 1938, 1939, 1947, 1948. She was the winner of the Seawanhaka Cup in 1957 and many other international races. In her first international regatta, the1938 British-American Team Race, Goose led the Americans to victory
On both sides of the Atlantic, Goose was hailed as the world's fastest small boat.

We have the Original S&S plans drawn Jan 9th 1948 in New York, originally built for an Italian gentleman, Enrico M Poggi Esq. to race seriously in Europe.  Ciocca ll requires a complete rebuild using the original plans. Several items remain in good condition.

The project is ready to commence, with restoration specification endorsed by Tim Street & Ian Howlett.

If you really want one of the best of the best then this is it.

If you act now, you could be ready for the 2012 Six-Metre sailing yachts calendar.



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